Agriculture V Belts for Combine Harvester

Available Types: HA, HB, HC, HD, HSPB, HSPC, H3V, H5V, H8V
Standard: ISO 4184 / BS 3790
Available Grades: Normal, -K (Kevlar)
Other Names: Farm belt, Harvester belt

Cross-Sectional Sizes

SectionTop Width(mm)Thickness(mm)Angle(Degree)

Belts for Agricultural Drives Use

Agricultural Super V-Belt

Available Types: SA(LA), SB(LB), SC(LC), 9J, 3HBJ, 4HBJ, 2SB, 4SB, 2SCStandard: ISO 9001Available Grades: -K (Kevlar)Other Names: Combine Harvester BeltAgricultural super V-Belt are specially designed for tracked combine harvester. Send ...
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Variable Speed V-Belt

Available Types: HI, HJ, HK, HL, HM, HN, HOStandard: ISO 3410:1989 / BS 3733: 1974Available Grades: Normal, -K (Kevlar)Other Names: Variable drive belt, Variable v-beltVariable Speed Belt are specially designed ...
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Banded V-Belt

Available Types: HA, HB, HC, 3V, 5V, 8V, SPB, SPCStandard: ISO 5290, ISO 5291, BS 3790Available Grades: Normal, -K (Kevlar)Other Names: Power bands, Banded V-Belt, Wrapped Banded BeltBanded V Belt ...
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PK Ribbed Belt

Available Types: 4PK, 6PK, 8PK, 9PK, 10PK, 12PK, 14PKStandard: ISO 9981 / RMA IP-26Available Grades: Normal, -K (Kevlar)Other Names: Multiple V-ribbed belt, Harvester belt Send Your Requirement Cross-Sectional Sizes SectionTotal ...
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Widely Used In Combine Harvester

Combine harvesters work outdoors, the drive is often subjected to extreme weather conditions such as hot sunny days, extreme winters and rainy season, so the belts are subjected to dust, dirt, stones and other objects that may enter between the belt and the pulley.

For all these reasons, you should only use belts specifically designed for use on agricultural applications, as these are built to specifications capable of withstanding such harsh conditions often in constant sunlight and therefore hot conditions.

Shenwei Harvester Combine Belts are designed to follow the international standard norms used by the original equipment manufacturers and are widely used in the replacement market.

Features of Shenwei Agriculture V Belts

  • Higher impact load and transmission power (breaking through high-performance compressed rubber formulations and efficient production process technology)
  • Lower shrinkage (break through pretreatment technology of wear-resistant wrapped materials to improve the cloth tenacity and wear-resistant performance )
  • Strong lateral rigidity and anti-reverse bending, higher transmission efficiency;
  • Anti-skid, no elongation & longer service life.
  • More flexible, Reliable tension capacity, suitable for tensioning wheel clutch
  • Excellent performance under variable load conditions
  • Temperature range: -18 to +80

The belts are smooth-running, offer the highest power capacity and a long and trouble-free service life. All belts of Shenwei certified to the highest quality, safety and environmental standards.

Agricultural Belts Manufacturer

Shenwei is a leading manufacturer of high-quality and heavy-duty v-belts for the agricultural and industrial drives. We use the certified raw materials and components, unique process formulation, advanced processing technology and management innovation to constantly control the belts quality. When the belts finished, we will use the specialized equipment to test belts strength, ensure the belts quality is so good. With excellent performance, Shenwei belts are taking the leading position in China and international market, mainly delivered to Southeast Asia, East Europe, Middle East and South America etc. many countries and regions.

Why Choose Shenwei Agriculture Belts

High quality raw materials
Famous brand aramid cord, neoprene rubber, carbon black and etc high quality raw materials.

Unique process formula
Unique process formula, strict production technology, perfect management system and the spirit of excellence in research and development.

Advanced equipment
Advanced production equipment and complete quality control means to produce high quality agriculture v-belts. Advanced technology gives us an advantage.


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